Governor Narasimhan Gets Full Backing From Centre

  • Let the investigation agencies take care of the case

  • Guidelines to douse the fire between the state governments

NEW DELHI: Governor Narasimhan was advised by the Centre to tread cautiously in the cash-for-vote scandal and leave the matter to the investigating agencies for its logical conclusion, and at the same time, avert the raging war between Andhra Pradesh and Telangana States from escalating to point of no return.

The Centrea��s guidelines to douse the prevailing political cauldron between the two states is understood to have been conveyed to the governor during his meeting with Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh and senior officials of the Ministry of Home Affairs in the national capitalA�on FridayA�morning.

As a matter of fact, the governorA�seemed to have received full support and backing of the Delhi rulers to act diligently to stop the two states from being at loggerheads day in and day out.

Narasimhan, who reached New Delhi on Thursday evening with a call from the MHA, met Union Home Secretary Goyal and other senior officials of the MHA and apprised themwith the developments unfolding in the wake of the cash-for-vote scandal leading to the arrest of TDP MLA Revanth Reddy and two others. He is also understood to have apprised the MHA officials about the ACB probe into the scam.

According to informed sources, the governor also brought to the notice of the MHA officials the raging controversy surrounding the demand by the AP State and TDP leaders for invoking Section 8 of the AP Reorganization Act. I

n this context, Narasimhan also brought to the notice of the MHA the tirade being launched by the TDP leaders, including the AP ministers against him and accusing him of being acting in a partisan manner.

Later, the Governor Narasimhan called onA�Rajnath Singh, and he had detailed meeting with him wherein governor again apprised him of the goings-on in the two states, especially with regard to administering law and order in the joint capital of Hyderabad.

The governor is understood to have made it clear that there was no threat to the law and order situation in Hyderabad and that a bogey was being raised about the threat to the Andhra settlers. Hyderabad is peaceful, and people belonging to both the states are living peacefully in Hyderabad, he is stated to have emphasized.

Narasimhan had two sittings with the Union Home Minister and had one with the MHA officials. During these meetings, which lasted for over one-and-a-half hours, the governor is understood to have reminded that the cash-for-vote scam and the controversy over Section 8 were two separate issues. As far as the scam is concerned, let the investigation authorities do their job, the governor was told, andA�regarding the raging fire over Section 8 of APRA, certain guidelines were provided to him to checkmate the matter from reaching a boiling point.

After his marathon meetings with the Union Home Minister and the officials of the MHA, the governor Narasimhan avoided speaking to the media personnel and drove away. (NSS)

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