Googlea��s CEO Sundar Pichai Earnings Touched $200 Million in 2016

Sundar Pichai received nearly $200 million as compensation last year for the company’s successful launch of numerous products.

Washington, D.C.: Sundar Pichai, the 44-year-old Google CEO, received a compensation of nearly $200 million in 2016, almost double of what he received in 2015.

Pichaia��s salary is only a small portion of his compensation. He received $650,000 as salary in 2016, slightly less than his 2015 salary, which was about $652,500.

But Pichai, who was named CEO in 2015 during the companya��s re-organization, received his large portion of the compensation in 2016 in the form of a stock award that is worth about $198.7 million.

The CNN reported that Googlea��s compensation committee had awarded Pichai with a raise because the company had a�?numerous successful product launchesa�? in 2016. The company launched a virtual reality headset, a router, smartphones, and a voice controlled smart speaker.

Alphabeta��s market cap has grown to reach $600 billion this week for the first time, the report said.

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