Goods transport goes online

  • Kavitha launches Tulip Logistics Services

Hyderabad: Nizamabad MP and Telangana Jagruti president K Kavitha launched the Tulip Logistics All India Service here on Friday aimed at removing obstacles with communication and technology for truck owners, drivers and load suppliers. “In order to close the gap between truck owners and drivers Tulip has come up with unique technology”, Kavitha said, adding “We will provide full support to Tulip Logistics. We need to get more such ideas to make Telangana a Bangaru Telangana”, she said.

Tulips Logistics was helping the transporters as well as customers save time while transporting goods. While heavy vehicle operators were earning more revenue in the absence of middlemen, the customers stand to get a reasonable deal, Kavitha said. Started in 2015, Tulips Logistics has introduced a mobile app, a call center and launched a website through which customers, ranging from big corporates to individuals can place inter-city orders to transport their goods.

“This way, the clients will only be charged for one-way unlike previously when they had to pay up for the return trip of the vehicle,” explained K. Madan, founder and Chairman of Tulips Logistics. “The truck operators need not wait for days to get next order and depend on the middlemen, who take huge commissions. Since the truck’s status and location will be displayed in real time, it is easy to get business for them”, said Nivas, CEO & Founder Tie up.

At present, the start-up has tied up with 50,000 transporters across the country, many of whom, ply multiple heavy goods vehicles. The model of this start-up also gains significance in the backdrop of demonetization. “There is no cash involved as transactions are carried out online. To make sure that truck drivers have money to refuel their vehicles, we are handing over special cards that can be used in fuel stations,” said Suneel, COO, Tulip Logistics.   At Rs 30-crore turnover, the company was hoping to touch Rs 100-crore mark in the next financial year. Buoyed by the response, the start-up is soon planning to expand operations to neighbouring countries like Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh and also to the US. -NSS

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