Go To Pawan If You Have A Problem

Amaravati: If you want to solve any issue or matter do not go to the opposition party, just move towards Janasena, this is what AP CM Chandrababu Naidu is hinting to the people of his state.

Series of episodes from Uddanam Kidney patients to villager’s agitation against Mega aqua food industry were silently solved without disturbing the relations between TDP and Pawan.

Now a three year long pending problem at Vikrama Simhapuri University was solved as students put forward their demand in front of Pawan just few weeks back. New building has come up, classes already started in new building, and Registrar has shifted from Vikramapuri to Chandigarh. All happened within days after students brought their woes to the notice of the Power Star.

A Committee was formed to look into corruption charges, which is another demand by University students. After observing all these, two things have become very clear. If you have any pending problems in any department, don’t go to leader of the opposition Y.S.Jagan or any other party, just hand over your demand to Pawan Kalyan, rest will be looked after by the ruling party. Is it clear?

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