Girijana students move HRC for film name change

Hyderabad:A�Girijana Vidhyarthi Samakhya (GVS) founder-president Vadithya Sankar Naik met Human Rights Commission on Monday and demanded change of the filmA�name Om Namo Venkateshaya to Hathiram Bavaji.

Speaking to the media here, Naik said: a�?Whenever a story of a particular devotee is filmed, it is generally named after that particular devotee like Bhakta Tukaram, Bhakta Prahlada, Sree Manjunatha, Bhakta Kannappa and so on. But in the instance case,A�there is no mention of Sri Hathiram Bavaji or his resemblance in the title of the film, which clearly shows that there was a mala fide intention behind making the film. After all, the great bhaktas lived to uphold devotion towards Lord Venkateshwara.a�?

Hathiram Bavaji, a legendary devotee of Lord Balaji, trekked to Tirumla fromA�RajastanA�State. It is believed that Lord Balaji Himself used to play dice with Hatiram Bavaji. Akkineni Nagarjuna played the role of Hathiram Bavaji in the movie. In this context, the Samakhya people strongly want that the film title be changed to Hathiram Bavaji. Many tribal people gathered at the HRC office seeking an order to change the filma��s name. -NSS

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