GHMC cracks down on hotels for not maintaining hygiene

Hyderabad: The GHMC officials on Monday raided hotels and restaurants across the city as they were not maintaining sanitation and using unstamped goat meat. Keeping in view the importance of the health of citizens, these inspections and raids have been carried out in the entire GHMC jurisdiction.

Earlier, the GHMC has appealed to all the hoteliers, restaurants etc., to maintain hygienic conditions and also to use only stamped goat meat and based on the information and complaints received, the GHMC officials have swung into action and raided and closed some of the hotels and restaurants.

As per the information received the concerned deputy municipal commissioners along with the officials of sanitation and veterinary wing have inspected and action has been initiated in this regard.

The following are the hotels and where the inspections and raids have been conducted:

Sagar Restaurant at Shapurnagar which is using unstamped meat has been seized.  Sohail Hotel at Nalgonda X Roads for unstamped meat imposed fine of Rs 40,000;  Astoria hotel at RTC X Roads for unhygienic conditions has imposed fine of Rs 10,000;  Paradise hotel at IS Sadan for unstamped meat and unhygienic Rs 20,000 imposed; Minerva Grand at S.D. Road, Secunderabad for unhygienic conditions and unstamped meat Rs 20,000 imposed;  Al Shaba Hotel at Gachibowli unstamped meat Rs 20,000 imposed; and  Drunk Yard Shivani Restaurant and Bar at Gachibowli for unstamped meat Rs 10,000 imposed

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