Getting Goats, Losing Goats, and Goats a�?robbeda�? by cops

Nalgonda SP has received accolades from the cattle owners for having helped them, crack the mystery of the a�?missing goats.a�?

There are all kinds of robbers some rob gold, others automobiles, mobiles, sometimes water (if there is a shortage) but this is a rare kind of robbery and the robbers are none other than theA�safe guarders ofA� A�the law-the police.

The grass is green on the other side of the fence is a good old saying and this was true about one of the police stations in Nalgonda, Telangana. The grass inside the station grew like wild and the greenery served as a fodder to the starved goats. The grazing goats managed to sneak inside the police station and graze. Ironically they went in but never came out. More than five goats went missing. Worried the owners who saw the goats go into the station but never returned home complained to the SHO. But the cops in this police station abused the owners and asked them to leave.

Disappointed they met the Superintend of police who ordered a probe into the missing goats. On inquiry it was found that one of the SI of the station and constables sold the goats which came into the station to graze.

The erring cops have been suspended.

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