Get Ready For Ultimate War, Rajinikanth Asks Fans

Rajinikanth has left enough hints for his fans, on the 4th and last day of the meetings with fans, to believe that he might take a plunge into politics.

Chennai: Tamil Super Star Rajinikanth dropped a strongest hint on final day of fans meet by asking his supporters to get ready for Ultimate war saying,”political system needs to be changed.”

a�?I have responsibilities and work, same as you. Leta��s do that….. But when the ultimate war comes, we will see,a�? said the enigmatic Thalaiva in a clear hint that the Super Star will plunge into politics as per the political analysts.

“Political situation is in such a way that it does not think about people or does nothing for them, it has to be changed,” said Rajini with cheers from his fans.

Kodambakam, birth place of Tamil Cinema, stood for another political storm on Friday when Rajinikanth met his fans and gave a hint of his entry in coming days.

Rajini in a smooth way gave a strong reply to Subramanian Swamya��s criticism that Super Star is an outsider and his entry will be a political disaster. Rajinikanth said that he was a Kannadiga for 23 years and Tamizhan for 43 years and it is my fans that made me Tamizhan.

a�?There are few good leaders like Stalin, Anbumani( Ramdoss) and Seeman. But the problem is with the system which is bad and democracy has detoriated.If the country wants to flourish, this sytem has to be changed,” said Rajinikanth.

Rajini said that he was often dragged into politics for two decades. He clarified that he was not affiliated to any particular party.
But this speech on final day of ‘fans meet’ clearly gave way to speculations that Super Star wull plunge into politics in coming days.
DMK working president Stalin welcomed Rajinia��s statement and asked the star to be careful with political party like BJP which is trying to woo Super Star for its political benefit.

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