Gautham Reddy’s Controversial Comments On Vangaveeti Ranga, Tense In Vijayawada

Reddy’s remarks on Vangaveeti Ranga trigger anger among Vangaveeti fans which lead to suspension of Gautham from YCP.

Vijayawada: Tense prevailed in Vijayawada after Vangaveeti Radha and his mother Ratnakumari tried to conduct press meet near to Gautham Reddy’s house who were taken into custody by police as preventive act.

YCP Trade Union Leader Gautham Reddy’s comments sparked row in Kapu community with protests across the city. For the first time, Kapu leaders of different parties came on to a single bench and rebuked Reddy’s comments.

Radha and Ratnakumari were arrested by city police who were detained at Ibrahimpatnam police station for more than three hours. People were restrained from assembling groups in Vijayawada.

Gautham Reddy was suspended from YCP by Chief Jagan Mohan Reddy, who returned from Idupulapaaya to Hyderabad late night.

YCP Official Spokes person Parthasaradhi warned that party would take a serious note if any leader or workers make unsavoury comments on a particular person or community.

Tense prevailed after Gautham Reddy said that it is nothing wrong in killing Vangaveeti brothers who were like snakes.

It is known fact that Vangaveeti Radha enjoys support of Kapu community who are in latge in Krishna, Gintur , East and West Godavari districts.

In Vijayawada, Vangaveeti Radha, Malladi Vishnu are strong contenders for YCP  City in charge post. After coming to know about this, Gautham Reddy, nephew of Jagan, came out strongly in frustration against Vangaveeti, say political observers.

One thing is clear, it is show of strength between Radha and Gautham yesterday which proved Vangaveeti has upper hand over Reddy community in Vijayawada city.

This incident made all Kapu leaders come into singe tone and kept united irrespective of parties. We have to see how Vangaveeti Radha will run this momentum upto next election.



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