Gautami Writes To PM Demanding Probe Into Jaya’s Death

Chennai: Film actor Gautami expressed doubts on the death of J Jayalalithaa, Tamil Nadu ex-chief minister. In a letter despatched today to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Gautami questioned the veil of secrecy on Jayalalithaa when she was in sick bed for 74 days from September 22 when she was admitted in Apollo Hospitals. She asked, ‘Who was incharge of Jayalalithaa when she was in hospital? Why no one was allowed to see her? Why was the government kept in darkness? Who were taking decisions on her behalf regarding the treatment?’

Gauthami, who announced her separation from veteran actor Kamal Hassan a few weeks ago, was forthright in her demand that the circumstances in which Jayalalithaa died must be probed in to. She said the people of Tamil Nadu have every right to know about the status of their beloved leader’s health when she was critically ill. There is a mystery shrouding the whole series of events.

The role played by Jayalalithaa’s confidante Sasikaka in the selection of Jayalalithaa’s successor as chief minister was questioned by some of the ministers and MLAs albeit through news channels. NDTV’s Srinivasan Jain has divulged information regarding questionable dealings and wheelings indulged in by Sasikala and five other senior ministers at the back of the AIADMK MLAs who remained clueless till they were transported Raj Bhavan after midnight of Monday. There was a cover story in Tehelka magazine alleging that Jayalalitha was subjected to slow poisoning by her confidante. Though the magazine did not produce any solid evidence, it gave circumstantial narratives which surely sowed seeds of suspicion.

The future of the AIADMK is a subject of animated discussion across Tamil Nadu. Even those who have no interest in day today politics are talking about Jayalalithaa’s death and Sasikala’s role. The fact that Sasikala’s son, husband and other relatives who were barred from Jaya’s palatial residence at Poes garden were seen actively participating in the preparations for the burial made every one think about Tehelka’s story. Why are the people whom Jayalalithaa never wanted to see or enter her house were all around the place soon after her death? This question has been haunting the admirers of the former chief minister.

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