Garbage collectors are now Health Crusaders

Now, garbage collectors/ handlers have been elevated to the status of Health Crusaders in nomenclature. Director-General of Telangana Special Protection Force & Convener of Biodiversity Heritage Site Management Committee has stated theA�Crusaders are the catalysts, who pick up garbage from each house and dump it in the designated area. A breakthrough in waste management was achieved with the first meeting of garbage collectors at Ameenpur on February 11. A new place of disposal of garbage has been identified and a system has been put in place so that no garbage enters the lakes. To take care of their health, the Telangana State Special Protection Force, in association with Maxcure, Clearvision and Soujanya dental hospitals, is organizing a health camp for the Health Crusaders of Ameenpur at the village onA�Saturday fromA�3 pm at theA�GovernmentA�School.

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