Gangula Entry a�� Not A Gain For TDP, Not A Loss For YCP

Former MP Gangula Pratap Reddy has joined the TDP on Wednesday. He met the TDP Chief Naidu in Amaravati, along with Minister Atchennaiadu and took the party membership. The TDP claimed that Gangula was a big catch and would be of great advantage for the party in the by-election. It is also said that Gangulaa��s decision would be a great loss to the YSR Congress.

Nandyal: Former MP Gangula Pratap Reddy has joined the ruling Telugu Desam Party in the presence of Chief Minister N Chandrababu NaiduA�on Wednesday. Accompanied by Minister K Atchennaidu, the former MP met Chandrababu Naidu in Amaravati and joined the party silently.

On his joining, the TDP claimed that it was a big catch for the party, as he had come from the YSR Congress. The fact is that he has never been with the YSR Congress. Though his brother Gangula Prabhakar Reddy has joined the YSR Congress and became MLC, Pratap Reddy remained unattached. In fact, he met Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy before the Nandyal by-election and sought the party ticket for him, so that he could also join the YSR Congress. But, the political equations have led to the entry of Silpa Chandra Mohan Reddy, who subsequently became the party candidate for the by-election.

Not attached to any party, Pratap Reddy has joined the TDP. A former MP from Nandyal in 1991 for a few months as he had to quit the seat to facilitate the election of P V Narasimha Rao, Pratap Reddy enjoys considerable mass base in Allagadda and a few pockets in Gospadu and Nandyal urban. But, the presence of his brother Prabhakar Reddy with the YSR Congress and the split in the Gangula family would also lead to a split in the vote bank and thus his impact would be comparatively less.

The Bhuma family in Nandyal has a strong base, but the death of Nagi Reddy had left it divided. Bhumaa��s right-hand man A V Subba Reddy is not with the family and in the male-dominated faction politics, Minister Akhila Priya has not been able to keep the supporters united.

In the faction politics, death of a strong leader disintegrates the group with the supporters compromising with the rival to save themselves being the next target of the enemy. But, being in power, the TDP is trying to keep the folks together and the police are helping the ruling party to a great extent in handling the Bhumaa��s faction followers.

As Naidu is heading for a day-long electioneering onA�August 19, which may, in all probability, extend by another two days, the ruling TDP is confident of winning the seat. Naidu, a master of the election politics, is sure of changing the political equation in his favour at the eleventh hour. This is the hope of the TDP cadre and the fear of the opposition.

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