Gang-rape video boomerangs on rapists

HYDERABAD:  About six unidentified men who gang-raped a woman and filmed the act on a cellphone to muzzle her into silence find themselves in trouble over their own blackmail tactics. The faces of these men, though not their identities, have gone viral on the internet.

Video clips posted on YouTube and Facebook by well-known social activist Sunitha Krishnan on Thursday, show these men smiling as they take turns to assault a hapless woman as she begs with them to let her go. The faces of some rapists are clearly identifiable though some are blurred.

City Police Commissioner M. Mahender Reddy told reporters on Friday that he had constituted special teams to study the two video clips, one of eight minutes’ duration and the other of four minutes, uploaded by Dr. Sunitha Krishnan. The teams would seek the help of community policing units to trace the culprits. Initial indications are that the crime was perpetrated about six months ago by men who may not belong to the City.

Activist’s car attacked in Old City                     

However, the matter took a curious twist on Friday when some unidentified persons attacked the vehicle of Dr. Krishnan parked outside the office of Prajwala, the non-governmental organization that she runs in the Old City.  Its window panes were smashed with stones soon after Dr. Krishnan’s interview was aired on NDTV at 9.30 a.m. on how she chanced upon the offensive videos which were exchanged on WhatsApp.

“I started a  #ShameTheRapistCampaign” yesterday requesting people to trace the criminals. This morning my car was attacked”, she said after senior officers of South Zone police visited Prajwala. Forty two year old Dr. Krishnan is herself a rape survivor having been assaulted when she was just 15. All through her life she has worked for rescuing and protecting women from sex trafficking braving threats by criminal gangs.

She tweeted that “If the goons think they can intimidate this way … take a long walk boss. I will report come what may. I will track, I will shame and will report”. With the help of her husband, a film maker, she edited the video to protect the identity of the rape survivor before posting it on social media websites, she said.

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