Gang posing as CBI officials loot 46 kg of gold ornaments from Muthoot Finance

  • Film-style daylight robbery in Beeramguda

Hyderabad: In a daring daylight-heist, a five-member gang committed robbery in Muthoot Finance at its Beeramguda branch in Sangareddy district on Tuesday night and escaped with 46 kilos of gold worth Rs 12 crores.

On receipt of information, CyberabadA�Commissioner of Police Sandeep Sandilya rushed to the scene of offence along with Sangareddy DSP Chandrashekhar Reddy and constituted five special teams to nab the culprits. The police teams spread a dragnet all along the route from Patancheru to Zaheerabad and organized intensive checks.

According to the police, the group, believed to be members of the Padri gang belonging to Maharashtra, had come in a red Scorpio and barged into the finance company stating that they were CBI officials and had come to make a surprise check of all records and locker rooms.

Once the locker rooms were opened, the culprits brandished guns and threatened the company staff and locked them up in a bathroom. Then they mopped up the mortgaged gold ornaments, collected some cash and escaped in the vehicle. They were also stated to have carried away the CCTV footage and hard discs besides the cameras.

What shocked the people in the area and even the police authorities is that a few years back, a similar robbery took place near the latestA�scene of crime. In the earlier incident, some members of a terrorist outfit, who had escaped from a jail, had raided Muthoot Mini Fin Corp and committed robbery. The culprits were later killed in a police encounter. According to some eye witnesses, the Hindi-speaking gang members sped away in Scorpio in the direction ofA�Hyderabad.

The police officials, who visited the scene of offence, found that the CCTV camerasA�fitted on the premises were missing. While one version is that the CCTV cameras were carried away by the culprits, the police suspect that the cameras might have been removed prior to the gang committing the robbery. This led to the assumption that the whole operation might have been well-planned by the gang and the complicity of some staff of the finance company is not ruled outA�in the matter. Four staff members of the company were now being questioned by the investigating officers.

As the news about the robbery spread, customers, who had mortgaged their gold ornaments to take loans from the company, gathered at the premises and protested demanding that their jewellery must be returned forthwith. They questioned the company authorities as to how such a robbery could have been committed byA�persons posing as CBI officials. The agitated customers suspect that there might be something more to it than meets the eye in the entire robbery drama and wanted a thorough probe into the matter.

Police said that five offenders came inside the office of Muthoot Finance, Beeramguda. One of them was dressed like a Sardarji, and took the name of Surjeet Patel.A� He was wearing black safari dress. The second offender initially wore black mask, later took it off, exposing a light rose color monkey cap. The third offender was in a traffic cop getup, wearing aA�white shirt and light black trouser,A�the fourth one was in A�light brown safari;A� and the A�fifth one A�was a wearing military jungle cap. a��NSS

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