Gandhi Will Be Off Currency Notes Too, Haryana Minister

Chandigarh: Haryanaa��s cabinet minister and senior BJP leader Anil Vij on Saturday commented on Prime Minister Narendra Modi replacing Mahatma Gandhi in the Khadi Udyog calendar and said that it was a damn good idea to replace the father of the nation as Modi had a greater brand image. Anil Vij further said that since the time Gandhi’s name has been associated with Khadi, the industry has been faring hopelessly. He added that since the time the Indian currency started having Gandhi’s picture the value of the rupee has been going down. He said that Mahatma Gandhi would gradually be removed from the currency notes as well. He did not say if Modi would be replacing Gandhi on the currency notes too. Vij is known for making controversial and reckless statements. But he is allowed to speak carelessly while remaining in the Cabinet.

Earlier on Thursday, Mahatma Gandhi was replaced on the covers of the KVIC 2017 wall calendars and table diaries by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The calendars and diaries published by the Khadi Village Industries commission saw PM Modia��s pictures, which came as a shock to the employees. They staged a silent protest at the headquarters of the organisation during the lunch hours on Thursday. The employees were seen gathering and praying at the statue of Mahatma Gandhi. They tied black ribbons on their mouths as a sign of protest. Mahatma Gandhia��s grandson Tushar Gandhi said that the charkha on the KVIC calendar and diary was a planned strategy to gain credibility. The Congress party, in its part, has castigated the government for insulting the father of the nation. The spokesman of the party wondered at the audacity of the prime minister in allowing his picture to be printed on the KhadiA� organisations diary covers.

KVIC Chairman Vinay Saxena told reporters that this kind of act was not unusual as there have been certain deviations in the past as well. He said that there was no question of ignoring Mahatma Gandhi as the entire khadi industry owed its existence to his philosophy. Narendra Modi also has been propagating the use of khadi. He also said that Modia��s slogan of a�?Make in Indiaa�� was identical as theirs, the basic idea of which was to make villages self-sufficient.

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