Gaddar Snaps Ties With Maoist Party, Registers His Vote

Revolutionary Ballard Gaddar says he differs with his mother organisation on the question of caste and he has registered his name as a voter.

Hyderabad: Gaddar, the Ballard, revealed that he had differed with the mother organisation, Maoist party, on the question of caste. He said he has registered his name as a voter.

The ‘Battleship’, as Gaddar is known, has said he had handed over the red flag to others and he is now a freeman. He told the audience that he now has taken Buddhist flag into his hand He said he would pursue the path of parliamentary democracy. He would follow the path shown by Marx, Phule and Ambedkar. He would be meeting about two lakh leaders of various levels in South India during the tour he is going to undertake shortly.

Gaddar has confirmed the news given by Primepost weeks ago saying that he is planning to plunge into politics. It was also reported that he had confabulated with Power Star Pawan Kalyan.

Speaking at a large meeting of poets, writers and activists at Sundarayya Vignyana Kedram on Thursday on the occasion of completing 20 years of firing at him by brigands, he indicated that he would enter politics. He survived the attack and has been continuing his work with a bullet in his body.

Gaddar has been with the revolutionary movement that does not trust the constitution and the election process. He never voted or contested in elections. Now that he has taken a conscious decision to enter politics, he has announced his intention to register himself as a voter. He is expected to play an active role in politics. There is a political vacuum in Telangana State and Gaddar is a household name. He fought all his life for the sake of the people. But parliamentary democracy is a tricky thing. One has to watch Gaddar’s steps in politics

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