Fringe Tamil Groups Protest Before Rajini’s Residence

Tamil groups have organised protest demonstration before the residence of Rajinikanth on Monday calling him an outsider and asking him to keep off politics.

Chennai: Fringe Tamil groups have organised a protest at super star Rajinikanth’s residence here on Monday. The protesters call Rajini an outsider. They gave slogans against Rajini asking him not to take a plunge into politics.

About a hundred persons belonging to Tamizha Munnetra Padai demonstrated before Rajini’s residence. Recently, answering the criticism by Dr Subramanian Seamy that Rajini is an outsider, Rajini had reiterated that he is a Tamilian and he is concerned with the welfare of the people in Tamil Nadu. The super star said he lived in Karnataka for 23 years and in Tamil Nadu for 44 years making him eligible to call himself a Tamilian.

Political observes believe that chances of DMK getting a majority in next election appear certain but Rajinikanth’s entry will affect the party’s chances. In Tamil Nadu there is a strong sentiment that only Tamil should be spoken and Tamilian should rule. Swamy stoked the fire and the Tamil groups have taken up the issue. After Rajinikanth asked his fans to be prepared for the final battle, the talk of the super star entering politics has gained momentum. There is of course politics behind the protest demonstrations demanding that Rajinikanth should stay away from politics.

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