Free Visa To Foreigners Including Indians To Visit Qatar

Qatar announced that citizens of 80 countries, including India will be allowed to travel to Qatar without any visa regulations.

New Delhi: There is no need for Indians who travel to Qatar to follow Visa regulations. The Qatar government took a decision allowing citizens of 80 countries, including India to travel without following any visa regulations.

The UK, the USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand are also amongst the list. The Qatar officials stated that the foreigners need not apply for a visa to visit Qatar. They also said that a multi-entry exemption will be provided without any fee for those who come to visit the country.

Depending on the nationality of the traveller, the exemption limit would go all the way up to 180 days, and they would be allowed to spend 90 days in Qatar, the officials said.

The tourism department chairman said that they were inviting travelers as part of expansion of history and culture of Qatar, and a�?free visaa�� is being provided as part of the programme.

According to reports, Qatar also unveiled a draft law last week that would allow some foreigners to acquire permanent residency. For the first time, they will have access to free health care and government-run education, and will be able to own land and operate some businesses without a Qatari partner.

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