Four Percent Quota For Poor Muslim Children in BC Hostels

HYDERABAD: The Principal Secretary for Backward Classes and Welfare Department has informed that the Group of Ministersa�� meeting held on May 8 had provided four percent reservation for Socially and Educationally Backward Class Muslims (SEBCM) in BC Hostels.

An analysis of admissions into BC welfareA�hostels, based on data available with CGG for 2013-14 revealed that as against the sanctioned strength of 55,691 seats in the hostels, only a very few were filled belonging to SEBCMs (under Group-E) who got admission in the pre-metric hostels. Admittedly, there are no written tests for admission in these hostels. Yet, the four percent reservation is not yet filled.

This may be true for the previous years from 2007-08 onwards.A� The only reason could be the SEBCMs, who are living both in the rural and urban areas are not aware of their eligibility.A�Interestingly, even the BC Welfare Department could not do much in this regard.A� There is an urgent need to fill the above four percent reserved seats amounting to at least 200 boarders.

The Principal Secretary has directed the District Minority Welfare Officers (DMWO) in the districts and other NGOs, including the Masjid, togather the facts and make sure that 2,000 boarders from SEBCMa��s children, parents, and guardians submitted applications to the nearest hostels, wardens/matrons.

The list of hostels may be obtained from the DD (BCW)/DBCWOs concerned.A� Secretary also requested them to cooperate and mobilize the entire Minority Welfare Department and the SEBCMs as per G.O.Ms.No.16, BC Welfare A�(OP) Dept., dt.11.03.2015A�to ensure that the poorest of poor Muslims, who are struggling for livelihood, get their children admitted into the BC hostels at least during 2015-16 in Telangana. (NSS)

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