Former MLA from Giddaluru Quits TDP, Many More To Follow

It looks like the ruling TDP is heading for August crisis. The party has lost one MLC on the first day of the month, while on the fourth day it lost a former MLA from Giddaluru. Are more to quit the TDP in the days to come?

Ongole: In less than 48 hours that the ruling Telugu Desam Party (TDP) lost is MLC Silpa Chakrapani Reddy, another senior leader and former MLA from Giddaluru in Prakasam District left the partyA�on Friday.

The former MLA Anna Rambabu, who represented the constituency in 2009 elections on Chiranjeevia��s Praja Rajyam Party (PRP) and lost the 2014 elections on the TDP ticket to the YSR Congress, resigned the party in protest against the partya��s discrimination.

Rambabu took out a massive rally in the town and held a meeting with his supporters where he found fault with the party leadership for neglecting him and his supporters to favour YSR Congress Legislator M Ashok Reddy. He was hard at the party leadership for encouraging defections and neglecting the own leaders.

Though he did not take any decision on his future, it is said that Rambabu is looking at the YSR Congress.

The news is making rounds in the state about the possible exit of several senior leaders from the party in the days to come.

In Prakasam district alone there are at least half-a-dozen leaders who are preparing ground to quit the party in the next couple of weeks. One of them, Karanam Balaram, is said to have made up his mind to quit the party and join the YSR Congress. He is uncomfortable in the party after it had admitted his rival Gottipati Ravikumar from Addanki.

Though Chandrababu Naidu made Balaram MLC to balance the district politics, he and his supporters are not happy with the way things are going on. The names like Divi Sivaram and Pothula Suneetha are also doing rounds in the district as the possible exits from the TDP.

There are many other names from every district in the state that are not happy with Naidu and are looking at the YSR Congress. The leaders from the 21 Assembly constituencies in the state where the TDP had admitted YSR Congress MLAs are not happy with the leadership and have been opposing the entry of the opposition party MLAs.

Naidu told them that he would accommodate all of them, as the Center is increasing the Assembly seats. Now that the Central government has cleared that there would be no increase of Assembly seats for the 2019 elections, these leaders are now searching for alternatives, and a good number of them are looking at the YSR Congress, while a handful of them are looking at the BJP.

Sources in the TDP say that Naidu is now establishing contact with the sulking leaders and is trying to pacify them. However, it is said that the damage is already done and these leaders have decided to quit the party once they get clearance from the YSR Congress and the BJP, respectively.

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