When Food Turns Into A Weapon In Politics, Country Boils


Amaravati: The initiatives of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath closing down the meat shops and unauthorized slaughter houses, the statement of Bhupalapalli district Collector in Telangana State, A Murali asking people to eat meat have once again become strong weapons for politicians in the country. There is widespread resentment to the UP Chief Minister’s initiative from the non-vegetarians, while the vegetarians in the rest of the country point an accusing finger at Collector Murali. Though there is a widespread protest against his decision, a staunch Hindutva leader and a priest himself, Yogi Adityanath is sure of his initiative as he believes and practices vegetarianism that is part of his life. However, the Bhupalapalli district Collector might be forced to withdraw his statement, he had made it for the benefit of the people of the castes whose food has been non-vegetarian for generations.

For anyone, food is for survival. It depends on the weather conditions of the place and long history of the people living there. Some vegetarians find fault with the food habits of the non-vegetarians. Some non-vegetarians disapprove of eating snakes, frogs and alike. It all depends on how we take it. Life is a life for everything. Man has to kill something lest he gets killed. Be it an animal or a plant. If killing a life is wrong, it applies to both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

Be it roots or leaves, like animals and birds, they too have life and one has to kill them to cook and eat. If killing an animal or bird is not right on this land, killing a root or leaf is also crime for argument sake. But the issue here is not killing life, but it is all about sentimental politics. If MIM fights the poll battle on the basis of religion and the BSP on the basis of caste, the BJP had found the eating habits of the people as its base to fight the electoral battle. It is as simple as that to be very specific and clear in pointing at the controversies of the peoples’ food habits.

The food or diet is also part of the type of labour that a person is engaged in. Most of the people who are required to do the manual labour for their living have been eating non-vegetarian food as it is more nutritious containing proteins. The non-vegetarians claim that fish, meat, poultry and egg as rich food packed with proteins, while the vegetarians claim leaves, nuts and spices equally nutrient and protein.

Whether or not the food is nutritious, the issue of food habits contains more nutrients and is more nutritious for the political parties and those who ‘consume’ it for political mileage. It has all the nutrients and proteins to make it a powerful and strong weapon to fight the rivals. It also equally helps those in power to divert the attention of the people from the main issues of poverty, starvation and workers migration. That is what the politicians need and by blindly falling into the food trap of these politicians, like a rat walks into the trap, one will be only obliging them.


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