First Telangana budget in assembly

Hyderabad, November 5: The much awaited first budget of Telangana is being introduced in the assembly today. It is expected to be a popular one considering that it is the first one that is believed to be in the interest of Telangana state. Finance Minister Eetela Rajender expressed his pride in introducing the historic budget.

The ambitious 100000 crore budget of the dream state will focus on welfare schemes and long term government projects.The earlier governments were blamed for being partial to Andhra and Rayalaseema at the cost of Telangana. The focus will also be on taking the budget effectively to the people. And the budget also gains significance as it was personally monitored by the Chief Minister, himself.

Minister Harish Rao appealed to the opposition parties to participate in the discussions and avoid creating confusion for the sake of media attention. There would be discussions on the budget for a few days following its introduction, and the opposition is geared up to bring up the issues of concern including the farmer suicides, power crisis etc. But, the not so strong voice of opposition in Telangana assembly may not pose any major threat to the government.

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