Fire breaks out in RIL gas pipeline near Sangareddy

HYDERABAD: A fire broke out in the pipeline carrying gas from Kakinada in East Godavari district to Bharuch in Gujarat causing panic in villages around Maddikunta village in Telangana on Monday morning.

The mishap occurred in Sadashivpet Mandal of Medak district through which the 1440 km long pipeline of Reliance Industries Limited from the KG Basin to Gujarat passes. The fire in the pipeline laid two decades ago was noticed around 2.30 a.m. by security personnel of Reliance following a gas leak in the Main Line Valve.

a�?There is no loss of life or injurya�? said Reliance Gas Transportation Infrastructure Limited (RGTIL) that operates the pipelinea�?. It said experts had immediately reached the War Room as well as the site of fire.

The fire caused panic in the area in and around Maddikunta village but police swung into action by shifting people in vulnerable areas abutting the national highway.

As soon as the fire was reported by security personnel to Sadashivpet police station and to the company, technical personnel in the vicinity of the pipeline in Medak district swung into action.

They turned off gas supply to the pipeline and opened two vents at Indresan (near Patancheru) and Madhri (near Zaheerabad) to release gas. This lead to gas gushing out into the air with a big a�?whoosha�� triggering fears that it might lead to an explosion.

RGTILa��s spokesperson said in a statement issued from Mumbai that “the fire is being controlled and contained by and cordoning off that section of pipeline. It might take another few hours to evacuate and extinguish the fire.”

He added that once the fire was extinguished, the valve would be isolated and after an internal investigation, normal gas flow to the downstream customers would be resumed.

Reduction or interruption of gas flow to the downstream customers was expected to last for a day. All the authorities concerned and affected customers had been informed, the spokesperson added.

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