Ita��s Finally Final

  • Shiv Sena will be part of BJP govt in Maharashtra
  • Senaa��s demands may not be met
  • Fadnavis announced 12 Sena legislators in the govt
  • 5 are promised cabinet posts

Mumbai, December 4: Ita��s finally final now. Shiv Sena will be a part of BJP-led government on Friday; Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis made an announcement on Thursday to this effect, ending the standoff in effect since the election results. BJP fell short of clear majority but was unwilling to relent to Shiv Senaa��a demands in return for support. Though there were enough indications to say that both the parties did not want to part ways, Uddhav Thackeray-led Shiv Sena refused to make it easy for BJP and had put forth several demands including a place in Union cabinet. On the other hand Modi-led BJP was not to be pressurised. NCPa��s offer for condition-less support,further weakened Senaa��s position.

Explaining the decision of the former allies to come together again, CM Fadnavis said, a�?A lot of people wanted the BJP and Shiv Sena to come together to form the government. We couldn’t agree on some points. Many MLAs from both parties were also keen that the two parties re-establish the alliance.a�?

It looks like BJP did agree to some demands, after all. CM revealed that 12 Sena legislators will be included into the government. And even though he said that 5 out of them will be of cabinet rank, he is yet to give details on the portfolios.

In fact Sena was hoping for Home, Revenue and PWD ministries, but sources reveal that BJP instead may offer Industries, Environment, Health and Transport. Refusing to confirm, Kirtikar said that though they were hoping for Home, Revenue and PWD ministries; to say that the others are irrelevant is not right. MSRDC and Environment too are important,a�? he said.

Based on the overall mood of Shiv Sena, it doesna��t look like BJP is giving the desired portfolios to Shiv Sena. Speaking to reporter outside Uddhav Thackeraya��s residence, Sena MP Gajanan Kirtikar said, a�?We demanded from BJP an additional Cabinet rank for our party and also a Minister of State in (Central) government. However, they are yet to reply to our proposal.”

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