Only Few Film People Use Drugs, Says Actor Posani

Posani Krishna Murali feels pulls and pressures within the film industry could lead to drug abuse, while describing the cinema field as “one great institution”.

Hyderabad: Popular actor Posani Krishna Murali on Tuesday accepted that cannabis is used by people in the film industry. “Their percentage is, however, very very minute,” Posani told a TV channel, while defending the film industry at large. “The industry will eradicate such people,” he asserted.

The actor’s defence of the film industry has come in the backdrop of reports that a popular director and producer were among the customers of drug peddlers, who have since been arrested.

Referring to pulls and pressures within the film industry, he accepted that drug habit is deep rooted in the industry. “There are people who use drugs and also those who supply drugs to others in the film industry.” However, he clarified that he doesn’t know who they are.

Posani requested media not to attribute drug abuse to the whole industry, taking a stray case or two as an example. In an emotional tone, he pointed out that a whole family gets destroyed just because of one drug addict in the family. Such addicts also destroy their own lives by becoming slaves to their habit.

He said that he never saw or touched drugs, except for reading about them in newspapers or when watching TVs. On alcohol, Posani stated that he is only a social and occasional drinker, while describing the cinema field as “one great institution”.

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  1. July 6, 2017

    […] Thursday arrests followed a sustained interrogation of those taken into custody earlier. Police have now reached the conclusion that the drugs were procured from Goa. Investigators said Calvin Mascarenhas (29), who was working in a high position in an international bank, used smuggle drugs from Goa and pass them on to Nikhil Shetty and other peddlers, who then supplies the drugs to end users in Hyderabad and its environs.   More: Only Few Film People Use Drugs, Says Actor Posani […]

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