Film a�?Libaasa�� Getting Released After 34 Years

Libaas directed by Gulzar was put in a cold storage as the producer did not like the way it ended, however, after his passing away his son Amool Mohan decided to release the movie.

Mumbai: A film in which Shabana Azmi and Naseeruddin Shah acted as a couple is getting released in theatres after 34 years. The screening of film named a�?Libaasa�? was indefinitely halted due to a controversy that arose between the film director, writer, and producer Vikas Mohan.

The producer who did not like the movie conclusion asked Gulzar to change it, and he refused it. With this, Vikas Mohan refused to release the film and put it in cold storage.

As Vikas Mohan passed away in 2016, his son Amool Mohan, who took over film production responsibilities in his place decided to release the film. He announced that he would release Libaas along with Zee classic movies as soon as possible. The film was screened in an international film festival in Delhi after four years of making. The critics appreciated the music of RD Burman.

The film Libaas is based on a short story a�?Seema,a�� written by Sampooran Singh, who is popular as Gulzar. While Shabana Azmi acted as Seema, Naseeruddin Shah acted as her husband. The story revolves around disturbed marital life of Seema, who leaves her husband for her childhood friend TK, played by Raj Babbar.

The three-and-half-decade old film would certainly be refreshing amidst the new age films.

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