Film Fraternity, Fans Repose Faith In Puri Jagannadh

The ace director has been receiving full support, with some being quite vocal about their faith in him.

Hyderabad: Fans of popular Telugu film director, Puri Jagannadh, apart from the film fraternity, on Thursday vowed to stand by him a�?in this hour of difficulty.a�?

They were visibly moved after Puri Jagannadh posted a video expressing his feelings after being grilled by SIT officials for 11 hoursA�on Wednesday.

Fans and colleagues were quite upset, and publicly, to see a�?a jolly Puri getting emotional.a�? They came out full throat about their continued support to him on various TV channels, which have been telecasting the issue almost round the clock. A�More:A�Puri Cooperated With SIT: Akun Sabharwal

Varun Tej, the hero of Puria��s film Loafer stated: a�?Ia��m shocked to hear allegations against a person like Puri, who is not only concerned about his (own) health, but also of others.a�?

Varun, who is busy promoting his movie Fida, extended his support to the director. Saying only few film celebrities received notices, he felt the current issue cannot be named as a�?a drugs scandala�?. The actor maintained he never saw Puri taking drugs during the shooting of Loafer.

Each and every one of those who have worked with him is going to town professing that Puri Jagannadh is a good person and is not doing drugs. A� More:A�Shyam K Naidu Next Under SIT Interrogation

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