Filipino art, culture at Hyderabad Literary Fest

Hyderabad:  A rich fare of Filipino literature, art, and culture is in the offing at the next edition of the Hyderabad Literary Festival. Philippines will be the Guest Nation at the seventh edition of the HLF to be held from January 27 to 29  at The Hyderabad Public School, Begumpet.

A thirteen-member delegation of writers, artistes, and academics led by Prof Vim Nadera, Director of the Philippines International Literary Festival and a Unesco Fellow, will participate in panel discussions and readings, give lecture demonstrations, conduct workshops, and present a cultural programme at the festival. Besides, the Philippines Ambassador to India is being invited to inaugurate the Filipino events at the festival.

While English and Filipino are the official languages in the Philippines, 19 other languages are recognized as the official auxiliary languages. In addition, the country has 120-175 languages with a rich history of oral literature. The Filipino writers and artistes will present the rich mosaic of art and culture of the archipelago of over 7,000 islands. 

The island nation’s pre-Hispanic history, its Spanish and American colonial experience and its post-independence efforts at nation building will be highlighted in the panel discussions. The workshops and stage talks will explore themes like ‘Fiction as Film, Film as Fiction’, ‘Trans-creation and Theatre’, and ‘From Page to Stage’. The cultural programmes will comprise Pangalay dance, music and Performance Poetry.


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