FBI Puts Indian On a�?Ten Most Wanted Fugitives” List

The FBI has announced a reward of $100,000 on an Indian who is on run after killing his wife.

Washington (DC): The FBI has listed Bhadresh Kumar Chetanbhai Patel, a Gujarati, in the top-ten most wanted fugitives list, and announced a reward of $100,000 for any information leading to his arrest, in a hope to track him down.

Bhadresh Kumar is on run since April 12, 2105, when he killed his wife, Palaak Patel, by stabbing her over and over, according to the FBI.

The incident took place at a donut shop in Hanover, Maryland, where he and his wife were working side-by-side on a night shift. Palaak had called her parents to tell them that she wanted to go back to India, and while she was still on phone, they both went to a backroom where Bhadresh Kumar allegedly stabbed her to death, according to the FBI.

a�?Palaak was young, and he was very brutal, and she died in a horrible way,a�? said Kelly Harding, an FBI agent on a video posted on the FBI website. a�?He could murder his wife and in the next minute just calmly walk away.a�?

According to the FBI, after stabbing his wife, Bhadresh Kumar walked to his nearby apartment where he changed clothes, grabbed some cash and his passport, and then took a taxi to a hotel in Newark liberty international Airport.

Bhadresh checked into the hotel around 3:00 AM and checked out at around 10:00 AM on the next day, the FBI said. He took a taxi and got off at Newark Penn station, according to the driver who drove Bhadresh.

There is no track of Bhadresh Kumar after that, the FBI said.

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