FBI Former Chief James Comey Testifies and Accuses Trump of Lying

The FBIa��s former Director James Comey testified before the Congress Intelligence Committee on Thursday and said that President Donald Trump lied about the reasons of his firing.
James Comey, the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, arrives to testify before the Senate Intelligence Select Committee during an open hearing.

Washington, D.C.:A�The FBIa��s former Director James Comey testified before the Congress Intelligence Committee on Thursday and said that President Donald Trump lied about the reasons of his firing.

Comey under oath said that he didna��t know that he was fired until he saw his news on TV. He testified before the Congress in regard to investigation on the possible collusion between Trumpa��s campaign and Russia during the presidential elections.

a�?The administration chose to defame me, and more importantly, the FBI by saying that the organization is in disarray and it was poorly led,a�? said the former FBI director. a�?Those were lies, plain and simple.a�?

Comey said that Trump told him multiple times to stay on and that he was doing a great job. He said he was surprised and shocked when he heard that he was fired.

The former FBI directorA�reiterated in his testimony multiple times that he thinks that the president fired him because the president had felt that Comey was not leading the Russian investigation properly. Comey said thata��s what he thinks based on what Trump had said in the TV interview.

Comey said that he got a feeling that the president wanted him to drop Michael Flynna��s investigation. Comey said that Trump told him a�?I hope you can let it go,a�? in one of his meetings with the president. Trump had fired Flynn as national security adviser in connection to his ties with Russian diplomats.

Comey said that Trump had told him that Flynn was a good man and he said he repeated the same to Trump over phone.

Based on the meetings he had with the president, Comey said he got the feeling that the president was asking for his loyalty. At one meeting, president asked the attorney general and chief of staff to leave, just to talk to him, he said. He said he felt that the president was directing him to do something for him. Though, he acknowledged that the president didna��t say anything explicitly to him that indicated that way.

But Comey confirmed to the congressmen that Trump was not subjected to any investigation pertaining to Russian involvement in the US election or in any other kind of investigation at the time he was fired. Trump is not under any investigation currently, as well.

Comey said he documented all his meetings with the president and said that one week after his firing he sent those memos to his friend at Columbia Law School to disseminate in the press. He said he thought it was very important to get it out to the public square. He said his goal was to win the appointment of a special counsel.

The congress has set up a special counsel with Robert Mueller, former director of FBI, as its chief to investigate into Russian involvement. Comey said he has complete confidence on Muellera��s ability to finish the investigation.

The former FBI director had nine interactions with President Donald Trump and three of them were in-person. One time he dined with the president. Six times he said he had phone conversations with the president. And in all cases president had taken the initiative, according to what Comey had expressed.

Talking about the Russian involvement in the US elections he said that he has no doubt that Russia had meddled with the US elections. He said that they would come back. He said that the Russians are not against Republicans or Democrats, but they are after Americans.

However, he didna��t say anything about Attorney General Jeff Sessiona��s role in his removal and in the Russian investigation. Sessions had recused himself from the Russian investigation due to his ties with the Russian diplomats.

When Kamala Harris, US senator from California, asked Comey if there was any process set up to run the recusal, Comey said that he had no idea about it and how much Sessions was involved in the investigation.

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