Faster UAN, health services: Dattatraya

  • Centre to streamline process
  • PM keen to dispurse PF amount

Hyderabad, January 4:A� Union Minister for Labor & Employment Bandaru Dattatraya today said adequate funds would be granted for ESIC and PF services in order to provide best health services to workers and labor of unorganized sector across India.

Addressing the media here on Sunday, Dattatraya said a�?Panchadeepa�? (Pehchan, Online ESIC, Milap, Dhanwantari and Prathibha) scheme will be implemented to offer best services to the workers by upgrading and modernizing the existing ESIC Hospitals adopting latest technologies and through empanelled hospitals (Yashoda, Apollo, KIMS and so on). He admitted that there was delay in allocating Universal Account Numbers (UAN) to all Provident Fund members drawing salary up to Rs 15,000, he said. A mechanism will be in place and officials were asked to expedite the process of giving UAN immediately on submission of Aadhar, other identity card and bank account number online and transfer all their accountsa�� details on their mobile phones.

Stating that the Centre will streamline the process, Dattatraya asked the officials concerned to expedite the process without harassing the companies which are failing to transfer information to the Labor department. Of 4,30,977 established employees, 29,000 members will get UAN soon. He also said so far PIN to 7.41 lakh members applied online was delivered. He declared that Rs 5 crore will be given to hospitals which have over 200 beds, Rs 3 crore for those up to 200 beds and Rs 50 lakhs for those hospitals having 50 beds capacity.

Dattatraya said Prime Minister Narendra Modi is determined to disburse a total of Rs 28,000 crore Provident Fund amount heaped for years together among the beneficiaries. An exercise is on to implement welfare schemes to ensure that workers get their benefits online in a transparent way. He said nine State governments have agreed to partner with ESIC portal which is in forefront to offer the best services, he added. He also said the Narendra Modi Government was determined to bring into the mainstream the poor working classes. (NSS)

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