Farmersa�� suicides move NHRC

  • TS, AP govts do little to rescue hapless farmers
  • TDP distributes ex gratia in TS, ignores farmers in Anantapur

(M Ramdas)

Hyderabad, November 26: National Human Rights Commission issued a notice on Tuesday to the Telangana Government over the suicides of 76 debt-ridden farmers since the formation of the new State. Within two weeks, the Chief Secretary to the Government has to submit a report in this regard. The State Government had introduced a scheme of loan waiver but only for institutional loans. Meanwhile, many farmers are still depressed by failed crops, lack of rains and the ever present shadow of the moneylender. The NHRC has taken note of this as a serious violation of human rights. Telangana government had refused to take cognizance of this tragedy for the first few months. After an uproar by the opposition parties like the Congress and the TDP, the government said it would try to take measures to arrest the trend. But in fact it had done precious little till the issue was taken up by the NHRC.

The opposition parties made an issue of the farmersa�� plight in the Assembly. While the TDP was distributing Rs 50,000 to each of the family whose main breadwinner committed suicide, it has been refusing to consider such a step for the families which have been facing the same kind of fate in Anantapur district where more than 35 farmers committed suicide after the formation of AP State on June 2. In nutshell, both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh governments have not been doing what is expected of them in regard to the farmers who are killing themselves in the face of mounting debts and failing crops.

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