Fans Put Pressure On Rajini To Plunge Into Politics

Chennai: Tamil Super Star Rajinikanth Fans club president and General Secretaries across the world are mounting pressure on Rajini to plunge into politics. Hundreds of fans thronged Chennai to have a glimpse of their Hero Rajnikanth and said they are eagerly waiting for their heroa��s entry into politics.

All India Rajinikanth Fans president Sudhakar had a meeting with general secretaries and said that arrangements were made unanimously for Thalaivar to plunge into politics. Raghavendra Hall in Chennai was reverberated with slogans in support to their hero urging him to join politics.

If he enters politics, he will rock the world. They say that he doesna��t know about politics, but even todaya��s politicians know nothing about anything. This is the gut feeling of fans who wish to see their hero in politics very soon.

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