Fans Are Fans, Jagan Has An Experience

Fans are fans. They have no reason or rhyme. They adore their hero or leader and undergo any hardship to meet them. 12-year old Prasad of Kurnool district is one such, a diehard admirer of YSRCP chief Jagan.

Hyderabad: We have seen mad fans for film celebrities and cricket players in the past. Here is another story of a kid who ran away from his house to meet his favourite politician.

A 12 year kid, named Prasad, from Muddavaram village of Bethamcherla mandal in Kurnool district is a hard core fan of YSRC President YS jagan. Prasad ran away from his house to meet his favourite leader and reached Hyderabad. He went on asking everyone about Jagan’s residential address and was treated as a mad person. But few guided him to Lotus pond at last.

But the boy could not breach the security of Jagan and waited outside Jagan’s house for hours. Security personnel, informed jagan about this kid.

Jagan immediately called this kid inside and treated him well. Jagan gave a photo shot for this kid and informed kid’s parents that boy is safe with him.

Jagan allowed the kid to stay with him for two days and later sent him in a bus to his native place. Boy was overwhelmed with the gift given by Jagan, which is framed picture of both of them.

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