Fan Moment Of MP Kavitha With Chiranjeevi

Selfie picture of MP Chiranjeevi and MP Kavitha at the vice-president election has gone viral on social media.

New Delhi: Actor turned politicians are more or less viewed as actors than politicians many times. Particularly, when they continue acting in films even after entering politics. Like anybody else, even politicians love to see their colleagues as actors and many times feel happy to take a snap with them.

This is exactly what happened in Delhi when TRS MP Kavitha met actor turned politician, MP Chiranjeevi in DelhiA�on Saturday.

Telangana CM KCRa��s daughter and TRS Nizamabad MP Kavitha, who is a fan of Chiranjeevi, took a selfie with Chiru and posted it on Twitter.

Kavitha and Chiranjeevi were in Delhi on the occasion of Vice President PollsA�on SaturdayA�and had a chance to meet each other.

a�?Fan momenta�� selfie with megastar during vice president election..,a�? Kavitha tweeted. A�She also stated in the caption that she is his fan.

The photograph went viral in a few minutes and likes and comments are being poured on twitter.

Congress MP Chiranjeevi and TRS MP Kavitha polled their votes on vice-president election.

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