Fall Of Constitutional Values In Telugu States, Statute Violated At Will

Hyderabad: Governor ESL Narasimhan has committed a mistake by giving oath to the four MLAs who are on the rolls of YSRCPLP. Narasimhan has the distinction of being a Govrrnor for almost ten years. There was no need for him to yield to pressure.

The first time Governor Narasimhan violated the spirit of the Constitutional Amendment Act making defections unconstitutional was when he gave oath to Talasani Srinivasa Yadav. Yadav remains a member of TDLP even today. He had submitted a resignation letter to Speaker of Telangana State Assembly Madhusudana Chary who has been sitting on it shamelessly for months. Governor Narasimhan and Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao )KCR) have taken shelter under a technical point which cannot stand moral scrutiny. They were not faithful to the people or the constitution. The Givernor obviously could not say no to a CM who routinely genuflects touching his feet. In a democracy, respect has to be shown to the constitution and democratic institutions more than individuals. Chief Ministers are mere politicians. They have no scruples. There was no need for Telangana Chief Minister who has good majority in the Assembly to encourage a TDP MLA to defect and reward him with a Cabinet berth. KCR had given more importance to slight the opposition than respecting the 10th Schedule of the constitution. He opted to hoodwink the people. He thought he was very smart congratulating himself for the clever way in which he made the Governor to act according to his (KCR’s) whim.

Ditto is the case with Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu. He has been copying his Telangana counterpart without a trace of originality. He made his son Lokesh a minister just as KCR took his son KTR into his Cabinet. Naidu gave same portfolios-IT and Panchayatiraj- to Lokesh as KCR entrusted to KTR at the outset. Later Panchayatiraj was given to Jupalli Krishna Rao and Industries portfolio was given to KTR. Naidu may do the same after some months. Even in the violation of the constitution, Naidu acted as a copycat. He followed the same method as KCR. He was rather more careless than KCR. Naidu did not think of a figleaf of pretension of resignations by the four YSRCP MLAs whom he took into his Cabinet. The Governor had given in meekly forgetting that he is supposed to protect the constitution. He could have said an emphatic ‘No’ to KCR then and Naidu now. But he chose to oblige them.

Naidu has proved once again that he can run with the hair and hunt with the hound with impunity. He lambasted KCR and even Governor for taking Talasari Srinivasa Yadav into Telangana Cabinet. He addressed meetings during the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation elections mounting an attack on Srinivasa Yadav and KCR. He called floor crossing prostitution. He accused the Governor indirectly and Telangana CM directly of destroying the constitutional values. Naidu was able to persuade the very same Governor to perpetuate the very same constitutional impropriety by inducting four Opposition MLAs into the Cabinet. What a fall!

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