Fake Rs 2,000 note sends shockwaves

Hyderabad: A�Discovery of fake currency has sent shock waves across the country within a couple of days of introducing new Rs 2000 notes.A�When people are busy exchanging old Rs 1000 and Rs 500 notes in banks and post offices, some people brought fake notes into use within days. A fake Rs 2000 note created commotion in Kuravi village in Mahabubabad districtA�on Sunday. A person, who came to buy petrol at a bunk, gave a fake Rs 2000 note to the staff. While the petrol bunk staff was scrutinizing the note, the person left the premises. Common people and businessmen are wondering if the just introduced currency could be duplicated within 48 hours, what would be the fate of the highest denomination in the country in future. They have also questioned the so-called foolproof security features and high-tech printing of Rs 2000 notes.

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