EU demands $14.5 Billion from Apple

Brussels: European Commission asked Apple to pay what it says a legal Tax benefits in Ireland. The crux of the issue is the claim that Ireland is granting special tax benefits to Apple specifically. European Commission says it is illegal for the country and has been ordered to recover the legal aid worth $14.5 Billion.

The Apple CEO Tim Cook said this move from the Commission is a�?unprecedenteda�? and a�?harmfula�?. He claimed that the company has done nothing wrong and it is being unfairly targeted by the EU. He also said that the company has been abiding by international and local laws since its incorporation. Apple started its operation in Ireland in 1980 and currently employs over 6,000 people in the country.

In a letter to customers, Tim Cook saidA�Apple never asked for nor received any special deal. The company plans to appeal the decision and is confident to prevail.

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