Etela Sees A “Golden Year” For BCs From Today

Hyderabad: Finance Minister Etela Rajender on Monday said it would a golden year for BCs this year.

Participating in the discussion on Appropriation Bill in the Assembly, Rajender said without development of BC classes Bangaru Telangana would not be possible.

He said the State government has increased salaries of contract lecturers. So far, 42,449 posts have been filled, the minister announced and said that by 2019 one lakh jobs would be provided.

The government has allocated Rs 420 crore for development of universities, Etela said adding that this year 8,000 posts would be recruited in gurukul schools.

A proposal to construct 76,000 houses has been sent to the Centre. The Centre has appreciated the State government for its prestigious Mission Kakatiya and Mission Bhagiratha schemes, he said.

The Finance Minister said 81,000 more beedi workers would get pension from April 1. (NSS)

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Take Steps To Halt Illegal Transportation Of Rice: Etela tells JCs

Hyderabad: Minister for Civil Supplies and Finance Etela Rajender on Friday set a deadline of three months to joint collectors to stop illegal transportation or sale of ration rice and other essential commodities which should be given to the needy and eligible poor in the State.

During a conference on rabi action plan with JCs here, the minister asked them to make coordinated efforts to curb malpractices in distribution of ration rice among the poor with cards. He appreciated civil supplies commissioner CV Anand for doing a fine job like he did as Cyberabad Police Commissioner to curb illegal transportation of ration rice.

“Our aim was to ensure that every poor should get ration rice and simultaneously check the illegal sale or transportation of ration rice,” he said.

The entire system of Public Distribution System was streamlined by 80 per cent as the officials are supposed to work with self-respect.

“We are not replicating the previous governments, which used to ask officials to remove illegal cases against some dealers,” Rajender said.

Without pressure from the government, the officials have to make persistent efforts to reach the goal to give rice to the poor. “We are ready to offer new shops and steps should be taken to see that only genuine people get rice and others should not,” he said, adding that a publicity campaign has to be carried out in this regard.

Etela also said the Centre has recognised 1.90 crore people under below poverty line (BPL) category against the 2.74 crore people in the state. Though the government is committed to set the things right it is time for joint collectors to work more effectively to curb malpractices, he said.

Steps have to be initiated that no dealer should have more number of cards with him, the minister said. Reduction of ration cards does not mean that the poor denied their due share of rice and instead stop illegal sale and transportation of the same, he said and asked to make exact weighing of rice which should not even reduce by half kilo.

Civil Supplies Corporation chairman Peddi Sudarshan Reddy said rabi will be called “Yasangi” henceforth which is expected to get 37 lakh metric tonnes of produce this time. He said since the flagship programme of Mission Kakatiya gave positive results, the lakes, water bodies and ponds in rural pockets are filled up with waters and the farmers and people are happy.

“Despite the corporation has loans and facing difficulties, we should work for benefiting the farmers by giving them better price,” he said. (NSS)

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TS Budget For BC Welfare

Hyderabad: Telangana Finance Minister Etala Rajender has presented budget proposals for the year 2017-18 in the Assembly on Monday. The budged is welfare oriented and pro-BC. In a departure from the traditional practice, Rajender gave the division in terms of capital expenditure and development expenditure instead of plan and non-plan expenditure.

TS Finance Minister said the GST reforms would help the State to improve the financial position. He claimed that the growth rate has been 16.61 percent. Though the State revenues were hit by demonetisation, the government could mobilise revenues through other means.

The ₹ 1,46 lakh crore Budget leans heavily towards the BCs. The so called development outlay is ₹88.038 and administrative expenditure is put at ₹61.607crore. Etala has allocated ₹1,731 crore for women and child welfare. Minority’s welfare would get ₹1,249 crore. For Asara pensions ₹5,330 crore have been allocated. ₹100 crore for Brahmins, ₹50 crore for journalists were allotted. For fee reimbursement an amount of ₹1,939 crore was set apart. ₹1209 crore were earmarked for handloom sector. ₹4,000 crore were made available for the last instalment toward the waiver of farm loans.

Irrigation was give ₹26,652 crores while education development would be taken care by spending ₹12,705 crore. Health sector gets ₹5,976 crore and Panchayats Raj institutions were allocated ₹14,723 crore.

Mission Bhagiratha gets an allocation of ₹3,000 crore and urban development gets ₹5,599 crore. Roadways will be developed by spending ₹5,033 crore while Greater Warangal Municipal Corporation would be given ₹300 crore. Different corporations have been allocated an amount of ₹400 crore.

Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) has been allocated ₹1.000 crore while ₹4,828 crore will be spent on maintaining law and order. Power sector gets ₹4,203 crore and industrial sector is given ₹985 crore. IT has been allocated ₹252 crore and tourism and culture get ₹198 crore.The Schedule Caste Welfare would get ₹14,000 crore while the Schedule tribes were allocated ₹800 crore.

Rajender said the GDP growth rate could be 10.1 percent compared to the national growth of 7 percent.

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Cash-starved people storm cashless banks and return empty handed

Hyderabad: Serpentine queues appeared before all the banks throughout Telangana State when they reopened on Tuesday after a three-day holiday.

With fond hope of getting relief after their agonising wait for the past 35 days for the required cash for their day-to-day needs, people from all walks of life made a beeline to the banks and ATMs, but as usual most of them were left with disappointment and despair as the bank authorities throwing their hands up on the plea that adequate cash deposits were not received from the RBI. Within a short time after reopening, the anxious crowds desperately waiting in the queues were greeted with “No Cash” sign boards at the entrance.

Having failed to draw the cash from their accounts, people crowded at the ATMs, which were functioning. However, here too the people after spending hours in the queues were forced to return to banks as the limited cash deposits got exhausted in no time. As a matter of fact, most of the ATMs continued to greet the people with “No Cash” sign boards. After having managed to make good with whatever little cash they had during the three-day bank holiday, people stormed the banks and ATMs with the fond hope of getting some relief only to return empty handed.

For innumerable number of people, especially the working class, it was a real heartburn because they had to apply for leave to stand in line before the banks; still they were not able to get the required cash. Some of them said later that they had been served with show-cause notices for coming late to work.

There is no denial of the fact that normal life of the people had gone haywire after demonetization. Shortage of small notes has only added to the woes of many. Even after laying hands on a Rs 2000 note, many were put to a lot of hardships as neither they were able to procure petty essentials for want of change nor they were able to get change for the 2000 note. It’s like thirsting for drinking water when caught in mid sea. The pensioners, most of them aged and depending on the monthly pensions, were the worst hit. Even after a fortnight, they were not able to draw their pensions while many of them were forced to shuttle from one bank to another to know whether the pensions have been deposited in their accounts or not.

The grave situation prevailing could be assessed from the serious concern expressed by Telangana Finance Minister Etela Rajender that if the Central government and the RBI authorities do not take required steps to come to the rescue of the people for want of cash, there might be even a revolt by the harassed and agitated people.

According to him at least another Rs 5000 crore in small denomination currency is required to ease the situation to some extent. He lamented that while Telangana State’s requirement was to the tune of Rs 20,000 crores, the RBI had so far released only Rs 17,500 crores. What is more, four percent of the money received from the RBI was only in small denomination notes while 96 percent was of Rs 2000 denomination notes. He hoped that as promised by the RBI, the situation would ease within one month. –NSS

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Etela Attributes Suicides to Faulty Policies of Congress & TDP

KARIMNAGAR: Accusing previous Congress and TDP governments of indulging in corrupt practices and irregularities, Finance Minister Etela Rajender today alleged that the former resorted to loot public money.

Participating in the State government’s flagship program “Mission Kakatiya” for restoration of lakes, water bodies and ponds at Sultanabad in Karimnagar district, Rajender attributed the unabated suicides by the farmers to the asymmetrical policies of the previous governments. He slammed Congress vice-president, Rahul Gandhi, for needlessly criticizing Chief Minister Chandrasekhar Rao for no fault.

Rajender alleged that Congress leaders had indulged in illegal occupation of prime lands, besides emptying the exchequer. Lakhs of houses constructed under Indiramma Housing Scheme have not reach the poor, and the Congress leaders pocketed the money when they were in power, he charged.

However, the 10-month-old TRS Government has kept its poll-eve promises, besides coming up with many welfare schemes for the people and farmers, he claimed. He said the TRS Government was committed to welfare of the poor and farmers.

“We have waived of about 17,500 crore rupees as part of the farm loans and will do so in the near future”, Rajender said. For the implementation of the welfare schemes alone, the State government allotted 4,200 crore rupees and would further earmark another 200 crore rupees, he added.

Rajender appealed to the people and farmers to participate in the Lake Restoration Program to get their farmlands irrigated.

“Unless the farmers involved in the program, they would not water for their crops”, he said, adding that use of silt from the lakes and ponds would be useful as organic fertilizers and would help avoid fertilizers and get bumper crop. (NSS)

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Many Are Eager to Invest in Telangana: Etela

HYDERABAD: Telangana is a favorite destination for investments as the government was encouraging the companies to expand and set up their business units in the state, Finance Minister Etela Rajender has said.

Participating in an India-Sudan Investment Conference at the Salarjung Museum here, along with Home Minister Nayani Narsimha Reddy and attended by Sudan Central Bank officials, Rajender said Telangana State is witnessing rapid growth. The government is coming up with a hassle-free regime of new industrial policy to give permissions in two weeks. Information Technology, Health, Education and Tourist sectors are expanding in the state, which are accommodating numerous companies. The TRS Government was keen on attracting new industries, business ventures, startups and entrepreneurs, he said, adding that several nations were coming forward to invest in Telangana State.

The global business companies were evincing interest to invest in the state, Rajender said. He appealed to the Sudan officials to make investments in Hyderabad to establish their companies for better growth.

The government will provide land, facilities to set up their shop, he maintained. Sudan bank officials stated that they find Hyderabad a suitable place for business and investments. (NSS)

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