Etela releases That is KCR book

Hyderabad:A�Finance Minister E Rajender released a book That is KCR authored by journalist Juluri Gouri Shankar at Secretariat here on Thursday.

A member ofA�TelanganaA�BCA�Commission, Gauri Shankar penned the book depicting about Telangana agitation since 60s, statehood fight by TRS and how KCR championed the cause of regional sentiments.

Speaking on the occasion, the minister said the TRS under the able leadership of KCR fought for the statehood for 14 long years and achievedA�TelanganaA�State. After getting the statehood, KCR was tirelessly striving for achieving a�?Golden Telanganaa�? by fulfilling all promises for inclusive growth, all round development and welfare. KCR transformed the youngest State to become No. 1 at national level in welfare, he claimed.

The author also narrated about the 1969 movement, repercussions, injustices meted out to Telangana region by Andhra leaders in terms of river waters, jobs and resources. A protracted struggle, supported by all the political parties, helped the TRS wrest statehood after overcoming the hurdles,A�he added.

Paintings on KCR at Telangana Bhavan

Meanwhile, an exhibition of paintings on Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao will be opened at Telangana Bhavan on Friday. Prepared by noted artist Vikram Raj Savate, it is named a�?Apara Bhagiratha.a�? Organized by Telangana Jagruthi to mark CMa��s 63rdA�birthday, on display will be various paintings on KCR. MP Kavitha will open the exhibition atA�9 am on Friday. -NSS

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