Etela Rajender flays Opposition

Claims TRS govt got over power problem

Rendering timely help to farmers

HYDERABAD: Finance Minister Etela Rajender today slammed the Opposition parties for trying to criticize the ruling party on every issue. The TRS Government is noted for its reliance and keeping the promises made, he asserted.

Interacting with media persons at Karimnagar,A�he said that the TRSA�Government has kept the promise of tiding over power problem. Though there was power crisis during previous Congress regime in the state, nowA�the TRS Government hasA�resolved the issue,A�he claimed. a�?Our Government has taken care of tiding over the power problem and there is no interruption of power for a single minutea��, Rajender remarked. The Opposition, he alleged, was resorting to target the government for political mileage.

The Finance Minister also expressed displeasure at the parties for vying to take on the government. Besides the power problem,A� a�?we are taking steps to provide timely financial help to the farmers who suffered crop loss due to un-seasonal rains in the statea��, he said. Some parties which failed to keep their promises are being routed out by people, he stated. He further claimed that the TRS is working government committed to keep all its promises in a phased manner including that of spending Rs 4,000 crore towards providing pensions to 35 lakhs of people. a�?We are now supplying fine rice to welfare hostels, six kilograms of rice to each person of a poor familya��, Rajender said.

Flaying the opposition parties for finding fault with water grid scheme,A�he said that the government will be accountable for people who are the high command. TRS Government is pro-people and pro- farmers that will cater to their needs, heA�said. Now the government began water grid program to provide safe waters to people and lakes restoration to distribute irrigation waters to crops in rural areas and towns across nine districts, he added. (NSS)

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