Etela Rajender blames Congress for farm suicides

  • 18 percent of budget to farm sector
  • Mission Kakatiya noble programme

HYDERABAD: Telangana Finance Minister Etela Rajender has said the State Government introduced a good budget within the given conditions.

Replying to the Opposition questions on budget here on Tuesday, Etela said it is not possible to get everything immediately after the formation of the State. The new States of Chattisgarh, Jharkhand and Uttarakhand are still facing problems and it is not possible to the Government of Telangana to solve all problems in the State in just 10 months. He said the budget had been prepared by the officials and Ministers with the suggestions from finance experts and not mere officials and ministers. He said their government introduced a good budget within their limits though they have no ample experience. Alleging that the residuary AP government troubled Telangana State by denying power supply to Telangana, Etela said the Telangana State Government provided power without cuts for the last nine months.

At this juncture, BJP floor leader K Laxman intervened and asked the Finance Minister to read the budget copy again instead of replying to the membersa�� doubts on budget. He also stated that it was not proper to the Minister to counter the Opposition parties instead of clearing their doubts. He also said the Ministera��s reply was like a political speech. Continuing, Etela said the Government allotted 18 percent budget to the Agriculture sector only to enthuse confidence among the farmers.

The Minister said the Government will take up irrigation projects on priority basis as suggested by the Opposition parties. Describing the Mission Kakathiya as a noble program, Etela said that the Government will take up repairs of lakes considering them as a�?mothersa��. He said that it is not proper to the Opposition parties to criticize the Governmenta��s efforts. The State is in a bad shape just because of previous Governments.

Congress Deputy Floor leader Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka said both Etela and Harish Rao came to his chamber and appreciated for passing the Telangana Bill. a�?The power gained by the TRS Party is just because of Congress party and its chief Sonia Gandhi. Do not forget the fact nowa�?, hesaid.

Etela said that everything is not possible within 10 months time. The Government will give three acre land to the one lakh Daliths in five years. a�?We will intensify the scheme this yeara�? he said. The Government will continue the industrial policies of the previous Governments and further ease the process.

Laxman asked the Government as to why it is not implementing the SC, ST Sub-Plan, which was brought into law during United Andhra Pradesh State. He also asked the Government to make its policy on BCs.

Etela said that the Government will not divert the funds allotted to SC, ST Sub-Plan and also discussed about A�BCs. He said that the Telangana Government did something that no other Government did across the nation. He said that his Government has been implementing Shadi Mubharak and Kalyana Laxmi schemes effectively along with Pension schemes. (NSS)

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