Errabelli Accuses KCR of Guilty in Kickbacks

HYDERABAD: Alleging that Chief Minister Chandrasekhar Rao indulged in 200 crore rupees corruption in the name of MLC elections, Telangana TDP demanded that the government order a CBI inquiry into the scandal.

Alleging that Rao was the brain behind Revantha��s arrest episode, the T-TDP demanded that the chief minister be booked as principal accused in the case of bribe offered to the nominated MLA.

Speaking to the media at his residence in the New MLA Quarters here on Monday, TDP floor leader in Telangana Legislative Assembly Errabelli Dayakar Rao alleged that Rao spent over 200 crore rupees to woo his own unhappy MLAs and those of the other political parties.

Errabelli questioned Rao as to how he could field five candidates in the MLC elections when his party has strength to win only three MLC posts. a�?Doesna��t it be called corruption?a�? he asked. He also asked Rao as to how the YSRCP MLAs who were against formation of Telangana State would cast their votes without any benefit.A� The MIM, also an anti-Telangana party could cast votes without taking any bribe? he asked.

Errabelli said TTDP MLAs Challa Dharma Reddy joined the TRS only after getting 250 crorerupees contract agreement. Manchireddy Kishan Reddy, who was in neck-deep debts joined the TRS, as he wanted to come out of the problems.

Kukatpally MLA Madhavaram Krishna Rao, who was also facing financial troubles, joined the ruling party only after he was assured of financial help from Rao, he alleged.

He also alleged that Rao purchased Congress and YSRCP MLAs with money and offered minister post to BSP MLA Indrakaran Reddy just like Rao offered money to another BSP MLA Konappa.

Stating that he thought good things will happen in Telangana if separate state was formed, Errabelli alleged that he didna��t expect that such an atrocious person will become the chief minister of the Telangana State.

Alleging that Rao gave top priority to the Telangana betrayers, Errbelli questioned Rao that Talasani Srinivas Yadav, Tummala Nageshwar Rao and Kadiam Srihari ever paid tributes to Telangana martyrs. He also said the MLC candidates of the TRS also never participated in the Telangana movement.

Asking KCR whether he had ethics, Errabelli asked Rao as to how the TRS entered into alliance with YSRCP, which was the reason for the Mahabubabad firing incident, in MLC elections.

a�?There is no limit to Raoa��s corruption, but what mistake did Revanth commit?a�? he questioned and said Revanth went to Stephensona��s residence only at Stephensona��s invitation.

a�?Stephenson said he would cast his vote to TDP candidate and then only Revanth approached Stephenson,a�? he said.

Asking the chief minister how he knew about the breaking news and how did he inform his MLAs at a TRS MLAs meeting on Sunday that a breaking news would happen within an hour, Errabelli alleged that Revantha��s issue was Raoa��s a�?Master Plana��.

Reminding that Rao and TRS leaders threatened Revanth that they would take up a�?Operation Blue Stara�� if the latter failed to mend his ways, Errabelli alleged that Rao made Revanth to fall in his trap as part of his operation.

Asking Rao as to how many crores of rupees he had given to Madhavaram Krishna Rao, Errbelli said Revanth was fighting against corruption. Rao will experience his fate like former Chief Minister Rajashekar Reddy, who harassed TDP a lot, and his son.

Demanding that Rao release Revanth unconditionally, Errabelli alleged that TRS influenced ACB Department in this episode.

a�?It is nothing but Raoa��s conspiracya�?, he alleged. He said he would release the numbers of the TRS leaders who spoke with them to cast their votes to TRS MLC candidateson Tuesday. He exuded confidence that their candidate would win the MLC election if their MLAs cast their votes to TDP MLC candidate. (NSS)

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