It was an epoch-making year!

  • Memorable for some, Miserable for others
  • TRS, TDP sweep, YSRCP, Cong lose
  • End of 51-year old united state of Telugus
  • BJP makes history by capturing Delhi on its own
  • Narendra Modi emerges a colossus

Hyderabad, December 29: The year 2014 saw the inevitable happen in the geo-political history of Andhra Pradesh, the first linguistic state of the country, to be divided into two Telugu States viz Telangana and AP.

An unprecedented political upheaval marked the beginning of the year with a prolonged movement for and against the creation of a separate Telangana State. Administration had virtually come to a standstill in the state. Bandhs, dharnas and rallies had become the order of the day in both Telangana and Seemandhra regions throwing normal life to go haywire. Students, instead of attending classes,A�took to streets. Even advocates boycotted courts making judiciary non-functional.

Even as the UPA Government was busy completing the process for dividing Andhra Pradesh, the state was brought under Presidenta��s Rule on March 1 after a gap of 41 years,A� following the then Chief Minister N. Kiran Kumar Reddy submitting his resignation opposing the division of the state. Though parliament had approved the A. P. Reorganization Bill and set June 2 as the appointed day for the birth of the 29th state of the country viz Telangana State, the elections to the unitedA�Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly was held as scheduled in April-May along with Lok Sabha elections.

Thus the middle of 2014 saw a mixed fortune for political parties as it would go down as a memorable year for TRS and TDP, it turned out to be a miserable one for Congress and YSRCP. As a matter of fact,A�the year brought a double bonanza for TRS President K. Chandrashekar Rao. Apart from achieving a separate Telangana State, his long cherished dream of becoming a Chief Minister also was fulfilled. And for TDP President N. Chandrababu Naidu it was a year of re-coronation,A� as,A� after being in the opposition forA� nearly 10 years he not only bounced back to become the Chief Minister but alsoA� ensured to put his TDP in the saddle in the truncated Andhra Pradesh state.

The year also saw the political burial of the Congress as it was crushed in its own citadel which it ruled forA�10 years. As for as YSRCP and its founder President Y.S. Jaganmoah Reddy are concerned, the yearA�brought disappointment and despair. Though the beginning of the year saw Y.S.Jaganmohan Reddy as a rising star, the later months scatter dreams to become Chief Minister.

As a matter of fact,A� it was like the slip between the cup and lip for Jaganmohan Reddy, thanks toA� TollywoodsA� a�?power stara�? Pawan Kalyan who helped the TDP to come to power though the party had electoral tie up with BJP. Jaganmohan Reddy had to be content with being the Opposition leader. Even BJP in a way was helped by the film actor as his support to the TDP-BJP alliance had helped the saffron party to improve its tally. However, the influence of Modi wave on the middle class of AP is not to be ignored. As was the case with the rest of the country, coastal AP and Rayaseema also came under the spell of Narendra Modi.

Apart from the political burial of Congress, the year also saw many seasoned and stalwarts of the Congress Party being pushed into political oblivion. For many senior Congress leaders, who were in both the central and state cabinets, the year spelt waterloo for them.

As regards the people of the two states are concerned, after living in an atmosphere of instability and uncertainty during the first six months of the year, they have been living in a make-believe world created by both Chief Ministers Chandrashekar Rao and Chandrababu Naidu. Both of them have been vying with each other inA�offering freebies and promising to turn their respective states on par with Singapore, China, Japan etc. They seemed to be projecting themselves as the fabled modern day Aalladin taking the people into their dreamland. However, only the year 2015 would show whether the two possess the magic lamp in fulfilling the promises being doled out now.

At the national level it was the BJP show all the way. The party had dominated the General Elections held in May 2014 capturing simple majority in Lok Sabha on its own strength. Narendra Modi who was nominated as the prime ministerial candidate campaigned in style and decimated the ruling Congress. He rose like a colossus and carved a place for himself in history by single-handedly waging war against a party that was entrenched in power for ten long years. The Congress party had to contend with 44 seats, short of the number to enable it to be recognised as the main opposition party. Modi, on the other hand, brought majority of Lok Sabha seats for BJP for the first time. Modi formed government and has been ruling the country with a strong hand. (NSS).

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