Energy conservation my passion: Naidu

  • CM quotes PM’s ‘Prakash Path’
  • Power for All a must for growth

‌Hyderabad, January 6: In order to protect the natural resources, environment and sustainability of the power sector for the benefit of present and future generations, the AP Govt is determined to vigorously implement Energy efficiency and conservation programs/schemes in coordination with Govt. of India, duly involving all sections of people in a big way.  For this purpose, a separate action plan for communication strategy is being adopted for making energy conservation programme a mass movement.

“We have to create wide range awareness among the general public/consumers and invariably implement the energy efficiency & energy conservation activities vigorously on priority basis in all seasons (365 days) to achieve the desired goals of energy savings. For this, all Depts, should expedite the implementation of comprehensive action plans for achieving targeted huge energy savings” said Chief Minister N.Chandrababu Naidu.

Releasing the New Year energy conservation calendars of SECM, Chandrababu Naidu said “Energy conservation is my passion” and appealed to general public for inculcating the habit of energy conservation in day to day life, since energy conservation is a least cost and best option. Power For All (24X7) scheme is a Real base for huge proposed investments in AP From National & International agencies in which Energy conservation and efficiency plays a key role for providing 24X7 supply on sustainable basis, CM said. Mandali Budda Prasad, Dy Speaker, Ajay Jain, Secretary, Energy & Infrastructure & Investments, Pitani Satyanarayana, MLA, participated in the program.

The CM recalled that Prime Minister Narendra Modi while launching the “Prakash Path”, a DSM Based Energy Efficient Lighting Program (DELP) at New Delhi, has rightly said that Energy Conservation requires the active participation of crores of people to realize the huge targeted energy savings.  The CM said that Andhra Pradesh is emerging as a leader in implementation of creative energy conservation programs. The CM directed officials to involve every stakeholder in Energy Conservation programs as a social cause.  It will be worthwhile to involve the entire force of self-help groups (which are popular at the National level also), in energy conservation campaigning for passing the fruits of conservation to the end consumers.

Ajay Jain, informed CM, that as per the report of Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), Ministry of Power, GOI, AP state has huge potentiality of around 24% of energy savings, out of total requirement of about 55,000 million units (mu) per annum, in which every rupee of expenditure will result in multifold benefits to the consumers as well as the State.  The implementation of DELP programme which is aimed at distributing LED bulbs for each household and replacement of conventional street lighting with energy efficient street lighting is being monitored on daily basis. The CM directed officials for extending LED program to entire State and completing the DELP in all districts by March-2016. (NSS)

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