Employees Clash In Telangana Secretariat

Dispute over return of employees, relieved by Telangana Government as they were natives of AP, leads to a clash in the State Secretariat.

Hyderabad: Telangana State Government employees literally came to blows at the Secretariat here on Wednesday. But they quickly dispersed when they realised that the media was about to cover the clash.

The root cause of the dispute was AP Government not allowing 24 Section Officers to join its services after the Telangana Government relieved them of their duties in Hyderabad, as they were natives of Andhra Pradesh. The Section Officers hence returned and were trying to get reinstated.

Meanwhile, the TNGOs were holding a meeting at the D Block in the Secretariat here on Wednesday to discuss the issue. On coming to know of this, several secretariat employees rushed to the meeting venue and tried to disrupt it. Verbal arguments led to mounting of tension, which resulted in fisticuffs between the two groups. Fearing mediaa��s imminent arrival, however, they dispersed.

Telangana NGOs have alleged that the relieved Section Officers were trying to get reinstated with the support of Telangana Secretariat Employeesa�� Union leader Narender Rao.

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