Election Commission involved in the cash for symbol case?

According to Delhi police sources, an Election Commission official is also involved in Cash for Symbol case. More evidence is being gathered to prove his involvement.

New Delhi: Cash for symbol case is getting murkier day by day. After arresting Sukhesh Chandra Sekhar, the alleged middleman, in AIADMK symbol case, Delhi police sources revealed that the Crime Branch has enough evidence to prove the involvement of Election Commission official.

Sources revealed that the Delhi Policea��s Crime Branch is collecting further evidence before it acts against the Election Commission official.

According toA�sources, the Delhi police is all set to sending teams to various places including Bengaluru to seize Sukhesh Chandrasekhara��s laptop and other possessions that can provide vital evidence in the case. Though Chandrasekhar belongs to Bengaluru, his network’s wings are spread across south India.

The police on Monday not only recovered Rs 1.3 crores from Sukhesh but also seized two luxury cars. A serial conman, Sukhesh, allegedly promised to help theA�ruling AIADMK faction to get two leaves symbol unfreezed by the election commission if he was paid Rs 50 crores.

The Delhi police after nabbing Sukhesh and recording his statement, booked AIADMK duputy secretary TTV Dinakaran in the bribery case. However, Dinakaran countered the allegations by claiming that he dona��t know anyone by name Sukhesh Chandra Sekhar.

As clamour for the two a��leaves symbol grew louder before the RK Nagar by-poll A�the Election Commission freezed the symbol. Both the AIADMK camps competed for it,claiming themselves to be the real heirs of Amma.

The RK Nagar by-poll which was scheduled for April 12 was cancelled following reports of political parites bribing voters.

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