Eiffel Tower To Turn Off Its Lights For Iran Attacks

Paris Mayor had decided to order lights off at the Eiffel Tower as a mark of solidarity with Iran which suffered casualties in the IS attack recently.

Paris: As a mark of respect for the victims of deadly terror attack in Tehran, Eiffel Tower will turn off its lights today.

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo tweeted by saying that a�?Tonight, at mid night, Eiffel Tower will turn off its lights in homage to the victims of the attacks in Tehran. Paris and Parisians will stand as solidarity with the victims.

As per Iran, five Iranians who carried out the killings had spent time in IS strongholds in Iraq and Syria.

This is not for the first time; Eiffel Towers turned off its lights, previously when IS attacks were made in London and in Orlando, same scene was repeated as a mark of homage.

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