EC: Special Pens For Presidential Polls

Keeping Haryana Rajya Sabha Election experience in view, the Election Commission has decided to use same kind pen in the ensuing elections for the posts of President and Vice President.

New Delhi: Keeping in view of the controversy during balloting for Rajya Sabha seat in Haryana, EC has decided to supply special pens for electoral college members for July 17th Presidential poll.

“Pens with different ink will be provided to electoral college at polling stations by designated officers along with ballot papers,” CEC Nasim Zaidi told the media.

He further added that electors should mark the ballot paper only with this particular pen and not with any other pen. Use of any other pen leads to invalidation of the vote at counting time, under Rule 31 (1)(d) of the Presidential and Vice Presidential elections, he said.

There was controversy with regards to use of pens in Haryana Rajya Sabha elections. Keeping that experience in mind, we have now decided to supply pens. The pens speciality is that they have been manufactured under Election Commission’s supervision. Their ink is separate from other, he further said.

According to EC, the ink will be supplied from Mysore Paints and Varnish Limited Company.

In Haryana, Congress votes were invalid as the ballot papers were marked with a pen which was different from the one provided by EC. This invalidation made BJP led Subhash Chandra win over Congress leader R.K.Anand for the Upper House Of Parliament.

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