EBCS demand fruits of development

HYDERABAD: Eulogizing the tireless efforts of TRS government in implementing various welfare programs for the benefit of poor and downtrodden sections, Telangana Economical Backward Welfare Association has urged Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao to extend the same benefits to the poor among the upper castes.

Talking to mediapersons here on Sunday, Telangana Economical Backward Welfare Association president V Shekhar Reddy pointed out that a large section of people among the upper castes like Velama, Reddy, Brahmana, Vysya, Kamma and others were not having even a cent of land and leading miserable lives due to abysmal poverty. Many people of these upper castes were not able to continue education due to financial problems and turning into Adda coolies, rythu coolies, auto rickshaw drivers and daily wage earners in shops and companies after discontinuing education, Shekar Reddy said.

He further pointed out that some people who managed to complete education with great difficulty were not able to get through in the competitive examinations for want of a couple of marks. Such people were getting disgusted with life and cursing their fate for being born in upper castes, he said, adding that some distressed youth were committing suicides. Though the principal aim of the countrya��s Constitution is social equality, the upper caste people have no place in the worlda��s largest democracy, he bemoaned and asked whether the upper caste people are not Indians. a�?We are not getting justice in the name upper castes. We are deprived of education because of our caste. Oura��s is not a struggle, but heart burning. We are opposed to nonea�?, he added.

The TEBWA urged the Telangana government to grant scholarships and extend fee reimbursement to EBCs; open government hostels for them and prepare them for competitive examinations; reservation to EBCs in Education and employment; establish a corporation like other communities and extend self-employment opportunities; construct EBC Welfare Bhavan and allot ten acre land for EBCs. (NSS)

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